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Full Moon Reflection, completion, and surrender

The energy of the Full Moon is that of reflection , completion, and surrender. Following the energy of nature brings us into a harmonious rhythm. Even though the full moon was on Sunday, we are affected by the energy at least three days before and for three days after. We have seen how the energy…

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New Year, New Moon, and Setting Intention

The glitter and confetti have all been swept away. We are already a week into the new year!How are those resolutions coming? A distant memory? Are you falling back into old patterns already? A few years ago,I began choosing to set intention for my new year instead of making resolutions. I spent some time getting…

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Creating some white space in my day

“White space is the portion of our day where nothing is going on, where we drop our story and rest. Just like white space in art can be literally white or a soothing simple area with little activity, White space can be a portion of our day when we’re just holding one simple beautiful thought…

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Are you spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast? Is it time to hit the Reset button?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “ the hurrier I go the behinder I get”. Multitasking has become the norm. We begin one task which before completed leads to another. Some people even welcome the busyness of mindless tasks to avoid looking at the BIGGER ISSUES in their lives, such as dealing with difficult…

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What do YOU want to be WHEN YOU GROW UP?

Do you remember your response? I bet you do. You spent a lot of time imagining, dreaming, of being…. A cowboy/cowgirl, a firefighter, a superhero, Wonder Woman, Superman, a crime fighter , an astronaut, a teacher, an artist, a fairy, a princess, a scientist, a race car driver, a football player…and so on.. What has become of your dreams? Perhaps…

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A Garden of Gratitude

Pulling Weeds Turned into A Garden of Gratitude — Flowers, Wise Women Friends, Mother, Grandmothers, Teachers and Mentors “Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion,love, and fearlessness.If love is sweet as a flower then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” Stevie Wonder The fact that I can plant a seed and…

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