“White space is the portion of our day where nothing is going on, where we drop our story and rest. Just like white space in art can be literally white or a soothing simple area with little activity, White space can be a portion of our day when we’re just holding one simple beautiful thought with our attention. Like art, it creates a quietness in our life that invites others in. It also invites our true self in as that quietness connects us with something deeper and more beautiful.”
Bebe Butler artist

I love this quote from Bebe Butler. She reminds us that what we need most we often put last.
I am creating some white space in my morning to savor a very special extended week of learning and growing. Two weekend classes and a business retreat! Whew, a lot of information, a lot of creative energy and a lot of loving kindness !
I am making room, creating a “white space”, if you will, to let it all soak in. I’m listening to my heart, recalling the nuggets, the pearls of wisdom, and especially, the gems, the special people I was with who brought new gifts and wisdom to my life.

I invite you to create some space in your day, your week, even if only a few minutes, to take a break from life’s busyness. Allow yourself this necessary time and space to reset, to calm your nervous system, to find the peace in your Spirit, and to hear what your heart is telling you.

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