IMG_2537The energy of the Full Moon is that of reflection , completion, and surrender.
Following the energy of nature brings us into a harmonious rhythm. Even though the full moon was on Sunday, we are affected by the energy at least three days before and for three days after.
We have seen how the energy of the Full moon affected the High Tide during the recent blizzard event.
Now is the perfect time to ride this wave of energy, to reflect on our lives this past month. What projects have come to fruition? Celebrate the successes both small and great.
What is there in your life that you need to surrender, to release, and let go of? Are there feelings or emotions or beliefs that no longer serve or support you? Are there tasks or projects that you can delegate to free up more time for your creative, genius work? Now is the time to look at your life and reflect on which habits or relationships are serving you and which ones may be draining you or sabotaging your intention.
Speaking of intention, are you looking at and interacting with your chosen word for the year,on a daily basis? Reflect on the last couple of weeks, since you chose your word and set the intention for who or how you want to become this year. What daily action steps have you taken to embrace the essence of your word, your intention? Congratulate yourself for every step, even baby steps. Haven’t taken an action step yet? Now is the time to reflect on challenges or obstacles that may be holding you back. Perhaps you need to dig deeper into why you haven’t taken any action steps?

Take a few minutes to actually write down some of these reflections. Take a look at your fears. What are your deepest desires? Write down a positive statement, an action step, in the now that affirms who or how you desire to become.
For example, compose the statement,” I am kind and compassionate towards myself so that I can be kind and compassionate towards others”. ” I believe in myself.” “Today, I take a step toward my dreams.”

Action steps: I am scheduling 30 minutes of exercise daily. I am scheduling 10 minutes of meditation AM /PM DAILY. I plan my meals ahead so that they are nutritious and balanced. I listen to my body when it tells me I need a break or to stretch. I set boundaries. I am submitting my resume today! I am doing this even if it’s not perfect! These are just some ideas to get you started.
Most importantly, water and nurture those seeds planted, your intentions for the month or for the year. Celebrate your successes. Diligently remove the weeds, the obstacles and be open to the challenges, finding creative ways to move beyond them.

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